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Gastric Bypass Revisions

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Unfortunately, over time, weight gain can occur in many patients who have previously undergone gastric bypass or surgical sleeve gastrectomy procedures. Endoscopic revision is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure that helps patients to lose weight again.
Revision of VSG (surgical sleeve), gastric bypass, endoscopic sleeve
12-15% total body weight loss
1-3-day recovery, with minimal side effects
Non-surgical outpatient (leave the same day)

Types of Gastric Revisions

Revision of prior surgical sleeve.
Revision of prior ESG by another provider.
Revision of prior gastric bypass - Transoral Outlet Reduction (ToRe).

Revision of Prior Surgical Sleeve

Weight regain occurs most often due to dilation of the stomach. With endoscopic revision, your physician re-tightens your stomach to the original post-surgical anatomy. Moreover, this will lead to weight loss by causing early satiety and, as a result, reduced oral intake.

Revision of Prior ESG by Another Provider

If you've undergone gastric sleeve surgery elsewhere but have not achieved your desired weight goals or have experienced weight regain, North Shore Digestive Medicine offers a revision procedure to address these concerns. Our experienced team specializes in bariatric revisions, helping patients restart their weight loss journey and overcome obstacles.

Revision of Gastric Bypass

Weight regain often occurs due to (a) dilation of the pouch, (b) dilation of the outlet, or (c) dilation of the pouch and outlet. Transoral outlet reduction (ToRe) is an endoscopic procedure that reduces the size of the pouch (if needed), the outlet, or the pouch and outlet (depending on each patient’s need) to the original post-bypass anatomy. This will help you feel full sooner and lose weight.

Gastric Revisions
to Get You Back
on Track!

Gastric Revisions at North Shore Digestive Medicine

What You Need to Know

Our areas of expertise are revisions of prior gastric bypasses and gastric sleeve surgeries. We provide non-surgical procedures to treat weight gain after a prior sleeve or bypass surgery.

After undergoing a gastric revision, patients may experience discomfort, swelling, or mild pain, which are common during the initial recovery period. These symptoms are typically manageable with pain medications prescribed by your physician. Generally, most patients are able to resume their normal activities within 1 to 3 days post-procedure.

The benefits of gastric revision include significant weight loss, minimally invasive techniques, outpatient convenience, and a brief recovery period.

At North Shore Digestive Medicine, gastric sleeve revision procedures are typically performed as outpatient procedures at our endoscopy suite.
Operating as an outpatient has several advantages, such as:
  • Patients can recover in familiar surroundings and with family support in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Additionally, outpatient procedures lower the risk of hospital-acquired illnesses, allowing patients to return to their regular lives sooner.
  • It reduces medical costs and makes access to the patient easier.
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