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CapsoVision Endoscopy

CapsoVision Endoscopy

CapsoVision Endoscopy for Digestive Disorders

CapsoVision capsule endoscopy platform incorporates cutting-edge technology to deliver clear gastrointestinal (GI) tract images. It targets specific parts of the GI tract, such as the stomach, small bowel, colon, or esophagus; each CapsoVision system offers unparalleled insight. This innovative imaging system enables physicians to detect abnormalities and diseases precisely, facilitating accurate treatment. With CapsoVision, medical professionals can provide targeted interventions, improving patient outcomes.
Moreover, the CapsoVision system is noninvasive, making it incredibly convenient for patients. Simply ingesting the CapsoVision capsule with water initiates imaging, eliminating the need for traditional invasive procedures.

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At North Shore Digestive Medicine, we are dedicated to providing advanced medical technologies and personalized care to our patients. Our experienced team of healthcare professionals utilizes innovative tools like CapsoVision capsule endoscopy to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of gastrointestinal conditions.
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CapsoVision capsule endoscopy is a noninvasive imaging technology that allows a detailed gastrointestinal tract examination. Patients swallow a small capsule containing a camera, which captures images as they pass through the digestive system.

Once ingested, the CapsoVision capsule travels through the GI tract, capturing images. The capsule is then retrieved, and images are downloaded to a computer for the doctor to review.

No, CapsoVision capsule endoscopy is a noninvasive procedure that doesn't cause any discomfort or pain. Patients swallow the capsule with water, and the imaging process occurs naturally as the capsule moves through the digestive system.

CapsoVision capsule endoscopy can help detect various gastrointestinal conditions, including inflammatory bowel disease, small bowel tumors, bleeding sources, and abnormalities in the esophagus, stomach, or colon.

The time it takes to receive results from CapsoVision capsule endoscopy may vary depending on the healthcare provider's review process. In general, patients can expect to receive results within a few days to a week after the procedure.
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